Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder

This scarf RULES. It reminds me a bit of the latest Prada offerings.

But still not cheap at $200. It is vintage, though, so when crusty bitches start shit with you...you know what to say. Cop it here, so I can subsequently mug you for it!


Jacques Off

This isn't really related to fashion but I felt the need to post it because I'm totally in luuurve. And after all, as all my girl Vivienne Westwood famously said, "Fashion is about eventually becoming naked." In that spirit, check out these photos from Jacques magazine:

Loving the arty, throwback vibe, the good design and styling, the choice of models, that they cite Russ Meyer as an inspiration, and have a female Editor-in-Chief. And THIS is her:


It's smut that doesn't offend my art faggy sensibilities! SIGN. ME. UP. Oh, and suck my dick Playboy- you're the most boring publication of ever! Girl next door....pfff...don't get me started.


An open letter to Jessica Simpson

Dear Jess,
(I can call you that because I'm a Jessica too and we Jessicas- all 5478378573billion of us-have a special bond)
You did a really great job of ripping Charles Anastase off before with the Dany.


Such a good job, in fact, that your version sold out almost instantly and I ended up spending a nice chunk of change for a used pair on ebay.....shortly before you re-released them and then eventually put them on sale for a mere $50. I'm still a little pissed about that. So to make up for it I'm going to have to insist that you remake these Anastase shoes:

So that I don't have to spend my life's savings on them.


He's done it again


Riccardo Tisci kills it again. KIIIIIIIIIILLS it. Ooof.



Riccardo Tisci is a genius.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

And of course, Exhibit C:

If I ever get married, I am totally spending the entire wedding budget on one of these and just getting hitched at the courthouse. In couture. I actually can't think of anything more "me".


Everybody (A.)Wang chung tonight?

On super sale....and I'm super seriously thinking about it....