Making Moves

Spied this cutie today on Fashionista:

I think she sealed the turban deal. Off to ebay....

Speaking of ebay, I had a revelation a few weeks ago. I was thrifting and became frustrated when, as usual, I found a ton of great stuff but none of it fit my slightly-larger-than-a-midget frame. It occurred to me in that moment that I should start my own vintage boutique on ebay! Duhhhh. I've amassed a ton of great shit in the past few weeks and am essentially ready to go except that I can't think of the perfect name! I swear, that's always the hardest part! It was hard enough picking a name for a blog, let alone a business. Ugh. Hopefully within the next couple weeks we'll be up and running, though. I'm excited. I really think I could do well with this. And hopefully I'll someday go the way of NastyGal, but instead of a webstore I want to open a little store here in Pittsburgh. Big plans, my friends, beeeeeeg plans.


Save No Prayer

The newest Dimepiece collection just dropped, and as usual it's heads above the rest! I've been repping their shit since the very first collection, and it's great to see how they've grown.

"This is a world of polarity. Light and dark, maturity and innocence, pleasure and pain. With that concept at hand, designer’s Ashley Jones and Laura Fama of DimePiece asked themselves, what would a collection of these conflicting components look like? The answer is in DimePiece’s Spring 2011 collection, Save No Prayer. Now in its ninth season installment, DimePiece brings to light a darker side of the aesthetic fence and continues to convey concepts that reflect the empowerment of women in a deliberately darker, tainted manner. This season the designers had a particular and uncompromising vision of translating a woman who is aggressive, yet feminine, angelic yet full of sin."

Really loving this dress:

I'm a sucker for a well-placed cutout.

I only wish I knew where I could get those lingerie looking pieces in the lookbook...oof. Mama needs.


Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is this A.Wang "Rococo Tote":

OMGOMGOMG. I promise I will be the best girl ever. I mean, come on- it will even match my manicure:

And surely look great with my new shoes. Haaaaaay!


More epic Alexander Wang bonerdom here

Boner Jamz s/s 2011

Prada's new ish is Boner Jamz Spring 2011:

Love the bright colors, the bold, clean graphics, the specs, the big stacks of bangles, and last but not least, those striped tails! Makes me wanna get my furry on.

Credits: FGR & Style.com



I've never been much of a hat/headband/scarf/anything you put on your head person. But for some reason, maybe it's all the Mad Men I've been watching (seriously, I've watched 2 1/2 seasons in like 2 weeks) but I've been thinking a lot about headgear lately. Especially turbans:

I have problems, obviously. I'm not sure this is something I could pull off on the reg. Maybe for New Years though?

And then there is this:

Someone teach me how to do this. I'm terrible with scarves but I want to put things on my head.

[turban photos: etsy; scarf: On the Racks]


green machine

I bleached my hair white for five years. During that time I pretty much stopped wearing makeup regularly, because I felt like anything aside from liquid eyeliner or a little red lipstick made me look like a tranny. Now that I'm back to my roots, though, I feel like I can get away with experimenting a little more. I've been obsessing over deep green eyeshadow ever since I saw this MAC ad:

I got the eyeshadow quad they used for this, but apparently the green part of the look is actually a pigment and eyeliner. Oh well, the colors I got are super cute regardless.

Anyway, I keep going back to these images from the Chanel spring 2011 runway show, and I think it's safe to say I'm obsessed. I love the smokiness, shimmer, the almost black color...and weirdly, the line down their parts.

Expect a re-creation soon. Minus the part...but then again you never know!



I should be coming into a couple extra dollars soon, so of course I've been brainstorming the most frivolous ways to squander them. One of these ways is on a couple pieces from The Lake and Stars. I know it may seem silly to invest that much in lingerie, but a) I'm pretty silly b) underwear can be another facet of a total look and c) as I've mentioned, the line between underwear and outerwear can be kind of blurry in my world.

I've realized that I tend toward a very specific kind of lingerie, and The Lake and Stars embodies it perfectly. I love their unusual color choices and way they modernize retro silhouettes with interesting fabrics and prints. It's super sexy without being overly girly or tacky. And their lookbooks- SWOON! Definitely outside the box, to use an awful cliche. They take it there, even touching on fetishism with a wink and a nod, and I'm all about it.

I won't say which pieces(s) I'm thinking about though. After all, a lady has to have SOME secrets ;)

Photo credits: High Snobette


say my name

Being eternally tacky, I have a soft spot in my heart for nameplate necklaces. So naturally, I swooned when I spied these:

on the blog of the founder of my favorite magazine ever to have existed. RIP Missbehave :(

Like Kanye, I've been known to get emotional over a typeface or two, and these beautiful nameplates, from Brooklyn jewelry store Catbird, do not disappoint- each is custom calligraphed by hand! A chic take on a street classic. Right up my alley.

Obligatory Beyonce:


it's vintage, bitch!

I'm trying to overcome my pessimistic nature and tell myself that yes, it's getting cold out and that sucks, but that means it's almost time to bust the fur out!

This coat is a beast...literally. And vintage, of course. I'm only OK with real fur if it died before I was born. The first time I wore it out, some girl made a comment to the effect of "How many animals were killed for that coat?" To which I notoriously replied, "IT'S VINTAGE, BITCH!"

Snap, snap!

(I was platinum blonde for five years, but it's so weird to see pictures of it now!)