Jesus Loves Me!

My prayers have been answered.

Not quite as dramatic, but that's ok for a fraction of the price. And not by J. Simps, but that's ok because I really don't care much for the idea of my money keeping Chili's and Applebee's in business.


Gimmie dat.

Swooning over this. Totally something I would wear, but with cuter shoes. Dress and accessories are SO on point though. I NEED a dress like that in my life.

Oh, and this would be an answer to my "Why do I always think it's a good idea to cut all my hair off?" question.

Caps for Sale

I want a big, floppy, black hat for summer.

Also, long hair. Why do I always think it's such a great idea to shave off half of my hair? I mean, it is for a couple months, but then it's boring and takes a year+ to grow out. Waaah.


So put your leather, leather, leather on

Is that "Guernica" painted on yo jacket, girl? SWOON.

Who wants to have a jacket painting party like we're 16 year old punks again? I also love that hair, but that's definitely something only 16 year olds and this chick can pull off.