Can you tell that I'm bored here? I work all damn day and then usually can't do much in the evenings so I just take pictures of my clothing. Or lack thereof.

I will freely admit it- I don't always like to wear a lot of clothing. In fact, in some circles, my attire might even be considered skanky. Bodycon, hotpants, underwear as outwear...I'm into it. The problem (if you want to call it that) lies in the disconnect between the rest of the world's "reality" and mine. My mindscape resembles a pop-art, sequin encrusted, cartoon version of some kind of Ellen Von Unwerth retro rock n roll banjeebaby heaven. And I dress for that. Not Pittsburgh, PA. I don't always realize that I do it, and then I get mistaken for a hooker while walking through Lawrenceville.

I also tend to think that I can get away with a lot of shit (I am probably wrong, but whatevs) because I'm naturally fairly thin and totally flat-chested. Loose, low cut tops and no bra have been a staple for years. Ribs and nips, FTW!!! Elvira Hancock is mah muse.

But I have tried to start dressing more like a grownup, recently. After all, in a couple months I'll officially be closer to 30 than 20. I've noticed it taking hold a little bit. Buuuuut part of me thinks as long as I still look like I'm 16, why not work the Lolita look?

Outfit deets: H&M jacket, top, and shoes. No idea where the shorts are from; they're ancient jeans that I cut off. Thrift store purse ($2!) , necklace, and earrings. Socks from Gabes. Ring from Forever Whatever.

I was supposed to go see Sleigh Bells tonight but I changed my mind, as I have to work sort of early. I swear I wasn't just dressing up like this in my hotel room for no reason. I SWEAR!


outfit : bloodbuzz ohio

Tonight I worked the press party for the new H&M opening in Columbus, Ohio. I was required to wear a dressy outfit that was as much H&M as possible. I didn't know I'd be doing this when I came out here, so I made due with what I had, and it actually came out surprisingly well:

Everything's H&M but the earrings! Chyeeaaah brand representative deluxe! It's pretty sad how regularly I realize I am wearing almost entirely H&M, but that's what happens when you work there!

Terrible pictures, again! Whatevs, who doesn't love a good Photo Booth photoshoot? Actually, I hate it because it's hard to squish your entire body in there.

Mood music:

I was carried to Ohio on a swarm of bees. I'll never marry. But Ohio don't remember me. I still owe money to the money to the money I owe. I never thought about love when I thought about home. I still owe money to the money to the money I owe. The floors are falling out from everybody I know. I'm on a blood buzz. Yes I am.
(Hot dudes with beards are always a plus)

PS. Speaking of buzzes, I drank for the first time in a long time the other night and was so hungover the next day that I wore sweatpants in public!


the fur that broke the camel's back

Since I went from being the Dutchess of Day-Glo to a nudist, I decided I wanted a camel coat for this fall/winter. I wanted my future camel coat to be little drapey and avant garde (duh). I mean, obviously I love that shit and I also feel like camel coats can look a bit to preppy otherwise. Nothing good was turning up anywhere I looked, so I turned to ebay. Despite what one might think based on my previous posts, I'm not all that big on ebay "vintage stores." The prices get insanely out of hand. $300 for that dress? Bitch pleeeeeeeease! I know you got that at Goodwill for $4.99! I definitely appreciate the fact that they are eliminating the tedious process of searching through endless racks of corny t-shirts, Talbots sweaters and mom jeans to find the real gems, but it still gets a bit absurd. Anyway, I digress. I ended up stumbling across these two coats from the same seller. Neither are really "camel" but they're both INCREDIBLY awesome, and I'm not sure which would be a better choice for me:



Which do I choose??? Or maybe I need them BOTH???

Now I shall return to to my Scissor Sisters/Kelis/cabernet drinking one person hotel dance party because I am the gayest man ever to be born with a vagina.

You know, baby as I was taking my pantyhose out of their egg this evening, I thought: I'm gonna find that man who has the right shade of bottle tan, a man that smells like cocoabutter and cassssshhhh.


honky tonk girl

I've been on a roll with the vintage finds lately. Here's the most recent:

Yeeeeehaw! I'm not sure why it looks like I have a fupa here. I assure you, I don't....really.

Mood music:

Two of my favorite songs (and ladies) right there. I MUST make it to Dollywood sometime soon!


outfit : jetset

I love it when old people lament the days when people dressed up to travel. It's such a quaint notion, such a hilarious contrast to the current consensus on appropriate travel attire- which is apparently PJs and Uggs. Ugh. Though I am the last person to support slobbery, I do find it pretty necessary to be comfortable while traveling. But it can be done cutely! My attempt:

H&M faux silk oversized top (which my friend Matt told me looked like I "stole it from Blanche Devereaux's lingerie drawer" HA!) / H&M striped sweater leggings / socks from Gabes / Forever 21 earrings ($1.50...haaay!)

I like how 2 out of the 3 outfits I've posted thusfar have been slob days. Haha. I also believe I said something about better quality pictures. Obviously I lied.


shoes from heaven

My significant other and I have a lot in common. In fact, I used to call him the male me. One place where our interests diverge however, is an enthusiasm for fashion. He is perfectly satisfied with Dickies, flannels, and Rebel 8 t-shirts every day(which actually works really well for him.) But, because he's a cool ass dude, he tries to take an interest in what interests me. The other day he asked me, "If you could buy any expensive shoe in the world, what would it be?"


I believe I said something about it being too hard to choose but that I was currently lusting after Giuseppe Zanotti's wedge boots:

(Angular perfection!)

or maybe those Jimmy Choo's that light up with every step you take:

(at rest)

(in motion)
...because deep at heart I am extraordinarily tacky.

But then. I stumbled across these. They released the Acne Atacoma in blue! Like a year ago! I have NO idea how I slept on this!!!

AAAAHHHH! Heavenly.

Here they are in action:

I have the Jeffrey Campbell version of the black/silver ones, which I still pretty much live in, almost a year later. But shit, I'd pay the $600 for these beasts. Something about the colors...I just adore them!


Casual Friday

I guess it's Casual Friday today. Another streetwear brand that I find exciting is MadeMe. They're releasing a collaboration with Vans soon, and it looks pretty spot on.

Vans X MadeMe from Off The Wall on Vimeo.

Erin Magee makes me miss my old hair :/I also really dig how into 80's Madonna and female empowerment she is. For example, the MadeMe fall lookbook doesn't just feature models, but also awesome women who are doing big things. Like Maluca....SWOON.

MADEME F/W 2010 from Reid van Renesse on Vimeo.

Casual done right.

Images/videos courtesy of BetseyJ and Blogue

Off Days

Sometimes I read fashion blogs and think, "Damn, do these girls EVER take a day off?" I'm absolutely sure I enjoy dressing up more than the average bear- ask any of my coworkers how often I wear 6-inch wedge booties to my 9 hour shifts, during which I am almost always on my feet. It happens often, and it's totally ridiculous. But shit, sometimes I roll out of bed and am just not feelin' it. Like yesterday:

Significant other's old as hell Rebel8 sweater / F21 jeans (love them because they have inseams for short people and were $9) / Studded boxing looking boots ($10 at Gabes, a magical place that needs a post of its own)

So what do you think? Does Rumi ever sit around all day in sweatpants? Does Deni ever wear flats? Does Nikki ever just wear jeans and a t-shirt?



Last week, a friend of mine posted this picture on facebook:

Apparently this girl was in front of him in line at the grocery store. Amazing. WHERE can I get these!? This is a serious query. I NEED TO KNOW.

Had I been there, I'd have offered her $100 for them, or probably just mugged her because I'm poor. OK...I would obviously never REALLY do that, but it's an urge I often have when seeing hoodrats/old ladies/rednecks wearing gems of garments, totally oblivious to their true awesomeness! Am I alone in this??? Another example:

Lookin' pretty good frumpy yinzer lady but I'm pretty sure the readers of US Weekly magazine would overwhelmingly say I wore it better!


Haterade / MTTM

I have a confession to make that is probably obvious to anyone who knows me, but needs to be adressed- I have a Banjee Girl streak in me that is as wide as the day is long. Shoulder-grazing hoop earrings have been a part of my repertoire since my public school era, and I'm sure will continue to be, into my lackluster career/failed art fag era. Haaaaaa. And of course, this also means I have a soft spot in my cold little heart for the whole streetwear aesthetic.

A few weeks ago, though, I was thinking about writing about how unimpressive most streetwear brands (with a few major exceptions) are anymore. Married to the Mob particularly irritates me. Then I saw this, from their men's line:
( via highsnobette )

I've had this song stuck in my head ever since, which I think means I should probably buy it. Why don't they make anything this good for girls???

I've never cared much for Leah McSweeney - something about her (or her persona when interviewed, anyway) really agitates me. I really like the few MTTM things I have gotten over the years but on the whole I find their schtick so fuckin' tired and I know I'm not alone!

How many times can you make the same damn corny t-shirt and wanna charge $40+??? Snoooozzzzzze. No wonder people have been saying "Streetwear is dead" for a few years now. I'd like to think that's not the case, but I've become much more interested in the brands that have taken a more fashion forward route like Dimepiece:
I feel like these brands build on a streetwear aesthetic but really push their graphics and experiment with different fabrics, shapes, and silhouettes, which keeps it relevant and interesting.