New York, New York

I spent Saturday afternoon in New York City and came back with lots of blisters on my feet and surprisingly little plunder. But my wallet is happy about this, and my few finds were good ones.

I got these beasts at Topshop:

They are heavy as hell, but totally worth it.

This gargantuan necklace reminds me a little of Dara Ettinger, with whom I am currently OBSESSED, and is the perfect blend of Banjee Girl and Earthy Girl:

It was only $10 at some tacky jewelry store in Soho.

I scooped up the last pair of these at Pat Field:


I do have one regret- passing up a vintage (probably faux) YSL maxi dress at Beacon's Closet. It was clearly going to be to big on me so I didn't try it on but I keep thinking...."What if?"<----stupid. Maybe it'll still be there next time. You never know.

Here is my very first and very shitty attempt at an outfit post:

H&M dress/H&M biker-jacket-looking sweater/tights borrowed from my mom (they are amazingly opaque)/vintage purse/shoes from Pat Field/earrings from the wig store/awkward growing out asymmetrical haircut from hell

I swear the image quality will be MUCH better next time.


Twinkle Twinkle!

Straight killin' fools on ebay!

MINE. And a steal at that- $31!

I suppose this would be a good time to shout out my ebay store of choice,
Stitch Snitch, since pretty much all of my posts thus far have included something of theirs. Their aesthetic is pretty much perfect in my book.



Pretty sure solestruck.com exists solely to bankrupt me. I mean....
The Mary Roks in white and silver? HOLD THE M-F'ING PHONE!!! For some reason I've always loved white leather/leather-like things. Probably because they're kind of an unexpected opposite of the standard black leather (which I also love, but that's a whole topic unto itself) While I love the silver platform, I'm also a little wary of it, because of what happened to my Alexas. It's nothing super major, but after only a couple wears the silver part got a little wrinkly and scrunched at the bottom by the sole.

Speaking of still-expensive Acne rip-offs, I'm also really digging these Senso booties:
Acne "Admire" bootie:

Solestruck is also carrying the Jeffrey Campbell Meeker boot, which comes in taupe:
and black:
I adore this boot, and what JC has been doing with negative space lately, but I kind of feel like this is a shoe I'd want to try on before buying. Looks like the ankle area could be a little unflattering on a shorty like me.

So I will probably treat myself to one these, since I'm just getting my tax return now (I filed late)
But wheeeeeeech? Probably the Mary Roks because they're cheapest. Hmmm. What Would Kelly Do?



Nude shades (or perhaps "pale neutrals" would actually be a better term-- seriously, that shit is kinda fucked up.) seem to be all over the place these days and I am all about it. For five years I had platinum blonde hair and looked weird as hell in these kind of shades- pale hair + pale skin + pale neutral= ALBINO OVERLOAD. Now that I'm a brunette, I'm apparently making up for lost time because in the past month I've purchased the following items:

Nude harem pants...an extraordinarily practical item to own!

This sweater from H&M. You can't tell in the picture but it's sort of cropped and totally adorable.

This cat print dress:
aka Miu-Miu on a mega budget.

I fell in love with this look from Caroline's Mode:
So naturally I almost shit when I saw this on my favorite ebay store:

Annnnnd I will probably snap up this baby at work tomorrow:



To Buy or Not To Buy.....

After several days of trying to come up with an excuse to buy this dress, I think I finally found one- Gaga concert?
It's $129 that I definitely don't have, but since when has that ever stopped me?

My only worry is that it might be a little too overwhelming on me, since I'm only 5'4" (on a good day). The model is 5'6", fyi. Thoughts?



The internet is rife with inane fashion blogs written by people whose authority on the subject is questionable, at best. And I'm about to be one of them.


But rather than taking it on with the idea that my opinions are special and unique and must be heard, or just regurgitating photos and ideas that aren't my own, my aim is to look at it as more of an exploration of personal aesthetic that will help me take it up a notch and hopefully entertain some other people in the process.

So here I come, another f'ing fashion blog.