Granny Panties

Brooke Candy from StylelikeU.com from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

I used to think I would travel through the world alone in my love of wearing granny undergarments as outergarments but I think this girl may be my soulmate. Seriously though, I love going through all the granny bras at Gabes- you'll find some fantastic tops that way!

StyleLikeU is such an interesting website- fun, fascinating, a little voyeuristic. I'll watch a documentary on pretty much anything, just because I love hearing people talk about things that they're super knowledgable and passionate about. So naturally I especially love hearing people talk about their clothes. So good.


  1. Please make a video like this. I would be so stoked to watch it. You wear hot pants far better.

  2. That was not meant to be anonymous. That makes it seem like a creepy dude wrote it who is only interested in your granny panties. I just love your fashion. :)