Maxed Out

New Years Eve is quickly approaching so of course I've been thinking about what I'll wear. 'Tis the season of little black dresses and sequins, and though I'm a huge fan of both, who wants to look like everyone else? So I was thinking this Marchesa maxi dress would be perfect:

HAHA I WISH. With some red lipstick, I'd look like a cartoony, pop-art version of an Egyptian goddess. But alas, the size of my sartorial aspiration doesn't exactly match the size of my bank account.

So instead I was thinking of wearing this dress I got at H&M a while ago:

(photos courtesy of fashion toast)
I went up a few sizes, so it's extra long, the sleeves are extra billowy, and the v is extra deep. Instead of taking the waist in I was thinking of cinching it with some kind of gaudy gold vintage brooch or sweater guard. Underneath I think I'll wear a teeny tiny LBD , or maybe even these high-waisted faux leather shorts I have, and a bra. Huge stack o' gold bangles. Black booties. Shazzam! I think I got it!

Now...onto Christmas shopping...fuck!


  1. fuck christmas shopping!

    i loves me some maxi dresses!

  2. Haha, I will only shop for MYSELF this year!

  3. I seriously ebay'd it for an hour today under the search "egypt" looking for a dress for you. Too bad they were all hideous costumes.