New York, New York

I spent Saturday afternoon in New York City and came back with lots of blisters on my feet and surprisingly little plunder. But my wallet is happy about this, and my few finds were good ones.

I got these beasts at Topshop:

They are heavy as hell, but totally worth it.

This gargantuan necklace reminds me a little of Dara Ettinger, with whom I am currently OBSESSED, and is the perfect blend of Banjee Girl and Earthy Girl:

It was only $10 at some tacky jewelry store in Soho.

I scooped up the last pair of these at Pat Field:


I do have one regret- passing up a vintage (probably faux) YSL maxi dress at Beacon's Closet. It was clearly going to be to big on me so I didn't try it on but I keep thinking...."What if?"<----stupid. Maybe it'll still be there next time. You never know.

Here is my very first and very shitty attempt at an outfit post:

H&M dress/H&M biker-jacket-looking sweater/tights borrowed from my mom (they are amazingly opaque)/vintage purse/shoes from Pat Field/earrings from the wig store/awkward growing out asymmetrical haircut from hell

I swear the image quality will be MUCH better next time.


  1. You are so cute. Love the nude…and the shoes, of course! I need you to style me. Plz. K. Thx. Bye.

  2. this stuff is soooooooooo AWESOME AND PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <♥♥