Nude shades (or perhaps "pale neutrals" would actually be a better term-- seriously, that shit is kinda fucked up.) seem to be all over the place these days and I am all about it. For five years I had platinum blonde hair and looked weird as hell in these kind of shades- pale hair + pale skin + pale neutral= ALBINO OVERLOAD. Now that I'm a brunette, I'm apparently making up for lost time because in the past month I've purchased the following items:

Nude harem pants...an extraordinarily practical item to own!

This sweater from H&M. You can't tell in the picture but it's sort of cropped and totally adorable.

This cat print dress:
aka Miu-Miu on a mega budget.

I fell in love with this look from Caroline's Mode:
So naturally I almost shit when I saw this on my favorite ebay store:

Annnnnd I will probably snap up this baby at work tomorrow:


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