Pretty sure solestruck.com exists solely to bankrupt me. I mean....
The Mary Roks in white and silver? HOLD THE M-F'ING PHONE!!! For some reason I've always loved white leather/leather-like things. Probably because they're kind of an unexpected opposite of the standard black leather (which I also love, but that's a whole topic unto itself) While I love the silver platform, I'm also a little wary of it, because of what happened to my Alexas. It's nothing super major, but after only a couple wears the silver part got a little wrinkly and scrunched at the bottom by the sole.

Speaking of still-expensive Acne rip-offs, I'm also really digging these Senso booties:
Acne "Admire" bootie:

Solestruck is also carrying the Jeffrey Campbell Meeker boot, which comes in taupe:
and black:
I adore this boot, and what JC has been doing with negative space lately, but I kind of feel like this is a shoe I'd want to try on before buying. Looks like the ankle area could be a little unflattering on a shorty like me.

So I will probably treat myself to one these, since I'm just getting my tax return now (I filed late)
But wheeeeeeech? Probably the Mary Roks because they're cheapest. Hmmm. What Would Kelly Do?

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  1. You might like these ;)

    Price: USD$135
    Pictures(of exactly what you will receive):
    Fabric: Real Leather
    Measurements: 13cm heels | 4.5cm platform
    Colour: Black
    Sizes: 34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42
    Mind-blowingly identical to the authentic piece from looks to texture to quality and comfort
    Comparison picture between the original and A grade: