Making Moves

Spied this cutie today on Fashionista:

I think she sealed the turban deal. Off to ebay....

Speaking of ebay, I had a revelation a few weeks ago. I was thrifting and became frustrated when, as usual, I found a ton of great stuff but none of it fit my slightly-larger-than-a-midget frame. It occurred to me in that moment that I should start my own vintage boutique on ebay! Duhhhh. I've amassed a ton of great shit in the past few weeks and am essentially ready to go except that I can't think of the perfect name! I swear, that's always the hardest part! It was hard enough picking a name for a blog, let alone a business. Ugh. Hopefully within the next couple weeks we'll be up and running, though. I'm excited. I really think I could do well with this. And hopefully I'll someday go the way of NastyGal, but instead of a webstore I want to open a little store here in Pittsburgh. Big plans, my friends, beeeeeeg plans.


  1. Get it, girl.
    Get it! Get it, Girl!

  2. jess ! i was just thinking about this. i alwayssss find really good things that arent my size and mostly im too lazy to alter them (read: buy anyway and they sit in my closet) let me know if you want me to help out, it could be fun !