green machine

I bleached my hair white for five years. During that time I pretty much stopped wearing makeup regularly, because I felt like anything aside from liquid eyeliner or a little red lipstick made me look like a tranny. Now that I'm back to my roots, though, I feel like I can get away with experimenting a little more. I've been obsessing over deep green eyeshadow ever since I saw this MAC ad:

I got the eyeshadow quad they used for this, but apparently the green part of the look is actually a pigment and eyeliner. Oh well, the colors I got are super cute regardless.

Anyway, I keep going back to these images from the Chanel spring 2011 runway show, and I think it's safe to say I'm obsessed. I love the smokiness, shimmer, the almost black color...and weirdly, the line down their parts.

Expect a re-creation soon. Minus the part...but then again you never know!

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