I've never been much of a hat/headband/scarf/anything you put on your head person. But for some reason, maybe it's all the Mad Men I've been watching (seriously, I've watched 2 1/2 seasons in like 2 weeks) but I've been thinking a lot about headgear lately. Especially turbans:

I have problems, obviously. I'm not sure this is something I could pull off on the reg. Maybe for New Years though?

And then there is this:

Someone teach me how to do this. I'm terrible with scarves but I want to put things on my head.

[turban photos: etsy; scarf: On the Racks]


  1. heart-ing the blog. turbans are everyday at the office over here so i say go for it. i think that scarf is just wrapped around her head and tied in a bow a the side. bow could be doubled. should be easy to do. werk!

  2. http://www.theglamourai.com/2010/10/how-to-tie-your-own-turban.html
    <3 AnnaB