I should be coming into a couple extra dollars soon, so of course I've been brainstorming the most frivolous ways to squander them. One of these ways is on a couple pieces from The Lake and Stars. I know it may seem silly to invest that much in lingerie, but a) I'm pretty silly b) underwear can be another facet of a total look and c) as I've mentioned, the line between underwear and outerwear can be kind of blurry in my world.

I've realized that I tend toward a very specific kind of lingerie, and The Lake and Stars embodies it perfectly. I love their unusual color choices and way they modernize retro silhouettes with interesting fabrics and prints. It's super sexy without being overly girly or tacky. And their lookbooks- SWOON! Definitely outside the box, to use an awful cliche. They take it there, even touching on fetishism with a wink and a nod, and I'm all about it.

I won't say which pieces(s) I'm thinking about though. After all, a lady has to have SOME secrets ;)

Photo credits: High Snobette

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