Save No Prayer

The newest Dimepiece collection just dropped, and as usual it's heads above the rest! I've been repping their shit since the very first collection, and it's great to see how they've grown.

"This is a world of polarity. Light and dark, maturity and innocence, pleasure and pain. With that concept at hand, designer’s Ashley Jones and Laura Fama of DimePiece asked themselves, what would a collection of these conflicting components look like? The answer is in DimePiece’s Spring 2011 collection, Save No Prayer. Now in its ninth season installment, DimePiece brings to light a darker side of the aesthetic fence and continues to convey concepts that reflect the empowerment of women in a deliberately darker, tainted manner. This season the designers had a particular and uncompromising vision of translating a woman who is aggressive, yet feminine, angelic yet full of sin."

Really loving this dress:

I'm a sucker for a well-placed cutout.

I only wish I knew where I could get those lingerie looking pieces in the lookbook...oof. Mama needs.


  1. i'm so glad they've evolved past the whole "streetwear" thing. it's like they're growing up with me.

  2. http://www.idontlikemondays.us/page/IDLM/PROD/WOMENS-ACCESSORIES/09010203