Can you tell that I'm bored here? I work all damn day and then usually can't do much in the evenings so I just take pictures of my clothing. Or lack thereof.

I will freely admit it- I don't always like to wear a lot of clothing. In fact, in some circles, my attire might even be considered skanky. Bodycon, hotpants, underwear as outwear...I'm into it. The problem (if you want to call it that) lies in the disconnect between the rest of the world's "reality" and mine. My mindscape resembles a pop-art, sequin encrusted, cartoon version of some kind of Ellen Von Unwerth retro rock n roll banjeebaby heaven. And I dress for that. Not Pittsburgh, PA. I don't always realize that I do it, and then I get mistaken for a hooker while walking through Lawrenceville.

I also tend to think that I can get away with a lot of shit (I am probably wrong, but whatevs) because I'm naturally fairly thin and totally flat-chested. Loose, low cut tops and no bra have been a staple for years. Ribs and nips, FTW!!! Elvira Hancock is mah muse.

But I have tried to start dressing more like a grownup, recently. After all, in a couple months I'll officially be closer to 30 than 20. I've noticed it taking hold a little bit. Buuuuut part of me thinks as long as I still look like I'm 16, why not work the Lolita look?

Outfit deets: H&M jacket, top, and shoes. No idea where the shorts are from; they're ancient jeans that I cut off. Thrift store purse ($2!) , necklace, and earrings. Socks from Gabes. Ring from Forever Whatever.

I was supposed to go see Sleigh Bells tonight but I changed my mind, as I have to work sort of early. I swear I wasn't just dressing up like this in my hotel room for no reason. I SWEAR!

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  1. You still look like a 12th grader, which is cool because most people want to look younger. :)