Off Days

Sometimes I read fashion blogs and think, "Damn, do these girls EVER take a day off?" I'm absolutely sure I enjoy dressing up more than the average bear- ask any of my coworkers how often I wear 6-inch wedge booties to my 9 hour shifts, during which I am almost always on my feet. It happens often, and it's totally ridiculous. But shit, sometimes I roll out of bed and am just not feelin' it. Like yesterday:

Significant other's old as hell Rebel8 sweater / F21 jeans (love them because they have inseams for short people and were $9) / Studded boxing looking boots ($10 at Gabes, a magical place that needs a post of its own)

So what do you think? Does Rumi ever sit around all day in sweatpants? Does Deni ever wear flats? Does Nikki ever just wear jeans and a t-shirt?

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