outfit : jetset

I love it when old people lament the days when people dressed up to travel. It's such a quaint notion, such a hilarious contrast to the current consensus on appropriate travel attire- which is apparently PJs and Uggs. Ugh. Though I am the last person to support slobbery, I do find it pretty necessary to be comfortable while traveling. But it can be done cutely! My attempt:

H&M faux silk oversized top (which my friend Matt told me looked like I "stole it from Blanche Devereaux's lingerie drawer" HA!) / H&M striped sweater leggings / socks from Gabes / Forever 21 earrings ($1.50...haaay!)

I like how 2 out of the 3 outfits I've posted thusfar have been slob days. Haha. I also believe I said something about better quality pictures. Obviously I lied.

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