the fur that broke the camel's back

Since I went from being the Dutchess of Day-Glo to a nudist, I decided I wanted a camel coat for this fall/winter. I wanted my future camel coat to be little drapey and avant garde (duh). I mean, obviously I love that shit and I also feel like camel coats can look a bit to preppy otherwise. Nothing good was turning up anywhere I looked, so I turned to ebay. Despite what one might think based on my previous posts, I'm not all that big on ebay "vintage stores." The prices get insanely out of hand. $300 for that dress? Bitch pleeeeeeeease! I know you got that at Goodwill for $4.99! I definitely appreciate the fact that they are eliminating the tedious process of searching through endless racks of corny t-shirts, Talbots sweaters and mom jeans to find the real gems, but it still gets a bit absurd. Anyway, I digress. I ended up stumbling across these two coats from the same seller. Neither are really "camel" but they're both INCREDIBLY awesome, and I'm not sure which would be a better choice for me:



Which do I choose??? Or maybe I need them BOTH???

Now I shall return to to my Scissor Sisters/Kelis/cabernet drinking one person hotel dance party because I am the gayest man ever to be born with a vagina.

You know, baby as I was taking my pantyhose out of their egg this evening, I thought: I'm gonna find that man who has the right shade of bottle tan, a man that smells like cocoabutter and cassssshhhh.


  1. FIRST ONE!!!! It does look long though. So lovely! The second one will be all over the place this winter. Go for the fancier one. :)

  2. The second one is a bit more casual... I think you could dress it up and down easily...

  3. I had these on my watch list on ebay, and ebay totally failed to notify me of the impending ends. WTF!!!!! So I got neither :(